DevLauncher idea sharing🚀

This topic was written few times by some community members. I think the idea is intresting. Maybe not for short term but definetly for long term.

So what is DevLauncher? I think many of you heard about Launch protocols, most of them makes token sales through their platform and gives the tokens to their users. Mostly in order to attempt to the sales. You need to hold the projects tokens. Some of them get successfull with good sales but some of them can’t keep up in long term.

So a launcher would be good on $DEV Protocol? Why i say it should be long term because i want to talk about a model that i feel it is the most successfull launching method right now.

Kusama Crowdloans. Kusama is the testnet of Polkadot. Polkadot won’t have as much as projects on their relay chain. Thats why the platforms launch on their testnet first (Kusama).

So actually in order to be eligible to launch on Polkadot main Relaychain they are making a crowdloan . In particular times, projects make a competition. They are telling about what they are working on and users lock their $DOT (Polkadot token) and $KSM (Kusama) for their favourite projects. The winner project is getting a spot on Polkadot Relaychain. They are also rewarding their voters who voted for them and offering them perks. For example tokens, nfts or eligibility for the token sale. They are telling these perks before the competition. So users who are locking their tokens also consider about these perks.

Idea fits what Dev Protocol is doing and can be implemented to $DEV ecosystem.

Now lets take a look about how Dev is suitable.

  1. It will be sustainable like staking. No direct investment is needed and staking will work.

  2. For example, this can be done quarterly and projects can list themselves. Most staked project will earn the reward of $DEV tokens from staked amount.

  3. Projects can offer their Perks through sTokens and Perks system. Which will utilize the $DEV ecosystem at its most.

  4. They can earn the portion of their rewards part by part. For example at beginning they can get the %10 of earned rewards and get other rewards depending on completing the milestones and paying the Perks.

  5. Dev Protocol has a big community with Devolopers. Winner project can get some support and advising from Dev Protocol on their way of devolopment.

  6. Winner projects will have direct publicity, because they will be the project that won the DevStarter rewards!

I think its a great idea. But why i think it should be implemented in long term. $Dev token should have higher price and needs decent marketcap. Because inorder to give enough amount of capital from these staking rewards we need higher token value. Also there are some important milestones in Dev Protocol roadmap. But i think this should definetly be in our Roadmap plans / ideas.

I would love to hear what you guys think. Please share your ideas :).


Thanks for the proposal! I really like this idea.

Looking at the Polkadot ecosystem as an example, we can see how the Dev Protocol accomplishes a lot in one place. (This is why the team should be busy… :sweat_smile: )

What is taking place at Kusama is very interesting and the following ideas can be considered:

  • Market Launcher: This is a test market of Dev Protocol that can be opened by anyone who has any idea of new creator market. Top projects that attract the most stakes during the competition period will be promoted to the official Dev Protocol market.

  • Token Index Launcher: This is to get creator tokens incorporated into the “DEV Index”. Top projects will be added to the index portfolio, gaining exposure opportunities to a wider market and investors.

  • Crowdloan for creators: This is exactly similar of Kusama’s cloud loan. Creators deposit their own property tokens and participate in the auction. When the auction is finished, the property tokens will be airdropped to staked users.

These are some ideas of what @aggre and I were talking today.

Sorry if I missed your point but this idea could bring many ways. Please let me know your feedback and ideas!


Hey Mayu!

First of all thank you.

Yes, i like polkadot crowdloans over other token launcher platforms. Because its considerably decentralised and choosen by the community. Also when looking at the winner of crowdloads they are already really strong market cap wise.

For example some of the Kusama parachains auctions.

Moonriver = 881m$ mcap
Shiden network =123m mcap
Bifrost = 357m$ mcap
Karura =114m$ mcap

Ofcourse Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem can’t be considered as a typical launcher. They are competiting to have a spot on Polkadot Relay Chain.

Same as Dev Protocol, as you mentioned before Dev Launcher wouldn’t be the same as typical launch platforms.

For example market launcher is a good idea. Youtube, Youtube music and Anime markets are the pioneers after But in future, for example stakers can choose the market they want.

I.E = Author Market, Sports Market, NFT market, Gaming market, Content market… The limit is sky. The most voted or staked ones during the test can launch and the others can challenge for the next round for example.

Dev is an amazing middleware for this opportunity. Because of the already battle tasted staking system, the Khaos Oracle that can implemented to anything, L2 support of the ecosystem and many more.

I mean if Polkadot Auctions is the opportunity of finding a spot on their chain.

Dev Auctions would be the opportunity of implementing the battle tested service of staking, use of Khaos oracle, support of advisory from devolopers, direct chance of meeting tech investors and being a part of the community. That is something nearly none other token launcher platform provides.

Also token index launcher and creator auctions are some other great opportunities.

Polkadot and Kusama has combined market cap of 44 Billion$, ofcourse its not right to compare Dev Protocol and Polkadot because both of them are working on different parts of blockchain ecosystem. I am sure we can implement some amazing stuff from their current successfull launching strategies.

(Ofcourse its much different than eachother).

I think the challenge for us right now would be the lack of mcap and lack of users.

For example Karura had 90m$ worth of KSM tokens locked on their auctions. This is like 90m$ worth of Dev tokens should be staked for a project. Which is like 30x of our current market cap. Ofcourse maybe we dont need that much worth of $ staked for a project right now, but i am imagining Cobogo has 90m$ worth of staked tokens. They could have made over 30m$ in a year. That they can get worlds most famous youtubers to their platform. Which would end in success for both Cobogo platform and Dev Protocol.

Also the other challenge is the active users of the platform. Probably on an average round on Kusama auctions, more than 10k users are locking their KSM tokens. We currently have 1.7k token holders. Probably maximum 500 of them are active users of the protocol.

Also its just a matter of time for people to realise how important Dev Protocol is on what they are building, thats why i have 0 concers about the market cap or the number of users. Because once its realised the thing Dev team is building is game changer.

I am really excited to see what is next on Dev Protocol and can’t wait to support it :slight_smile: