DEV volume too low

Hello DEV protocol community members,

I saw today on dextools and saw our volume of 714 dollars. That is ridiculously low because even dead coins or dead meme coins do more volume. I kid you not.

I think that is quite unacceptable and I think the reason is a lack of marketing and awareness.

Does the team have any plans on how to generate more volume and if so what are these plans?


Hey, I will share a few things that have been going on behind the scenes (that can be shared publicly).
We are working on many different ways to increase demand for the Token:

  1. new Tokenomics (removing the short term volatility) - this is on discussion phase.

  2. L2 - this is being worked on right now, contracts are ready, we just need to be whitelisted by Arbitrum.

  3. New untapped markets - a way to expand the demand horizontally by expanding to new markets, there are a few dApps being developed that will use the DEV token.

  4. Integrations - there are a few projects that we are talking with that could induce some demand when we’re integrated with them

5)Perks - just like in Patreon they can be an extra incentive so more people use DEV to fund the projects.

There are probably more to this, if I can remember anything I will edit here later.

Hey Pdot,

For #5, this is cool and all, but we have seen time and time again that most creators using the platform simply do not care about doing things that would benefit the stakers or the ecosystem – unless this is mandatory, it is nice, but I don’t know if it moves the needle.

And overall, how does this propose to impact the lack of volume (which is even lower today, somehow)?


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Regarding #5 - it is true that the vast majority of our stakers are purely crypto community members not OSS fans, so, #5 won’t generate all the demand by itself, but combining it with the other #s it should help making funding with DEV more valuable for an individual staker.