DEV team Recent Updates 01

Hello Dev Protocol Community!

Thank you for giving us so much feedback on our forums.

We want to share recent updates with you and get your feedback in order to create a better developmental focus. As of now we plan on continuing regular updates into the future.

The team is working on so many things at the moment, so let’s get started.

  • Liquidity

Thank you for all your suggestions and votes on improving the liquidity of DEV tokens.

As voted, the new Geyser will be launched on the 2nd of July.

  • Financing situation

To be honest, we have always struggled with the challenges of raising funds.

In some countries it is not easy to do token financing, and we had to keep researching and dealing with the legal aspects in those countries. Unfortunately, we have had to rethink the timing of our private sale and are now working on financing using ECAs. (The token price will be determined based on the next private sale round. We hope to have good news for the community as soon as possible after this financing is closed.

  • Creator onboarding

Since we launched our airdrop at the end of April, it has gone very viral, with the Dev community growing by over 2000 people with some very powerful developers entering. It’s been amazing to gain attention from so many OSS developers jumping over the crypto wall. The airdrop for contributors to the OSS ecosystem through GitHub logistically has been very challenging for us, but we want to say a big thank you to Sindre for helping us make this happen! He has given us invaluable insight and connections within the OSS space and we want to extend our gratitude.

At the moment, has been flooded with so many applications to join. To facilitate this onboarding, we have launched the Onboarding Sponsors program.

Please check out all the great OSS waiting to join and become a sponsor.

  • Incubator

The Incubator is one of our very experimental initiatives, but we believe the pay off will be great. It is a program created with the community in which the community and committee members select the projects to be supported before they are onboarded on

The team contacted a total of 20 projects in May. Here are the current statuses for the projects we reached out to.

Onboarded: 1

Ongoing: 4

Closed: 3

Unanswered: 12

Firstly, as some of you may know, WalletConnect has successfully funded the incubator. They listed Dev Protocol on their website as a top project funder on ! We are proud that Dev Protocol was able to support their project.

Secondly, three projects thanked us for our support, but said that as an organization they could not accept virtual currency donations and four projects asked for a deeper understanding of how Dev Protocol works. Projects both familiar and unfamiliar with the blockchain are both interested in and have questions about the new funding mechanisms we can offer.

The team will continue to communicate with the incubator projects to try to answer their questions and lead to a positive outcome.

  • Collaboration, Partnership, New Markets

Last month we announced our partnership with OtakuCoin, and the team is working on new partnerships as well. One of them will be announced soon.

With this announcement a new market will be coming which will expand the amount of potential projects getting funding. The team will be making the most of the knowledge we have gained in the OSS markets already launched to welcome new creators. We’re really excited to take this next step!

You can suggest ideas for the market here on the forum.

  • Hiring, L2, updates

The team will start hiring in many areas, such as Smart Contract developer, Front End developers, Developer Relations, etc. If you share our vision and want to contribute to the growth of the OSS ecosystem, please join Dev Protocol’s Discord and send a DM to Aggre (CTO).

For L2, we are investigating zkSync and Optimism as our main options. The team is working hard to be ready to release the Dev Protocol on L2 as soon as possible after each project is released. will continue to be improved to make it more user friendly! As part of these improvements, we’re have also been working on revamping the guide in the last month.

Here are some of the parts we have updated to this point;

If you have any requests for guides or features, please share your ideas in the forum!

The status of the big roadmap the team is working on can be found on GitHub.

That is all for this time!

Sorry if something was left out of this update, our updates in the future look to cover more of what the team is doing and how we are achieving our goals.

We’re looking forward to sharing an even bigger update with you all next time!

Please join us in the forum for ideas and conversations.

We look forward to realizing the future of the Dev Protocol with all of you by our sides! :four_leaf_clover:


Great to hear the uptake in users and interest in!

Let’s keep the momentum going.

Really pleased to hear you are recruiting and Dev is branching out into new chains and markets.

Thanks for the update :relaxed: