DEV Protocol's website review

Hey everyone,

I came here to talk about our website. I think it is super important for the growth of the project, but I have some concerns about it. In my opinion, it can be improved in many ways.

So, I started to work on it and bring the following considerations:

1) Main Menu

The main menu is useless, who knows what is Creators and Patrons in the first visit? This is a problem of information architecture on the page. The main menu should have links like:

Overview | Developers | DAO | Community | Help | Launch Apps


|__ The Protocol

|__ The Oracle (Khaos)

|__ dApps

|__ Roadmap

|__ Team

|__ Investors


|__ Documentation

|__ Whitepaper

|__ Developer Kit

|__ Building a dApp

|__ Proposals (DIPs)

|__ Github


|__ DEV token

|__ Forum

|__ Voting Portal

|__ Documentation


|__ Forum

|__ Discord

|__ Twitter

|__ Telegram


|__ About

|__ FAQ

|__ Tutorials

|__ Blog (Medium)

|__ Code of Conduct

Launch Apps

|__ μ-zomia

|__ Anime Bank

|__ cobogo


2) CTA over the First Fold

The button Join now with the 3d hand is too fancy, it is not uniform with the branding identity. And it is a call to action BEFORE the main text, it is not common and even if the visitor click in this button he/she will go to stakes social that is one of the possible apps. Stakes social website also does not communicate well, so I think this button should be removed.

3) The First Fold

We don’t have the name of the protocol visible in the first fold. It is not acceptable. We have to have the words"DEV Protocol" very clear.

The headline “Decentralized Creator Economy” is good but vague. We can craft a better copywriting, that creates curiosity and calls attention, while explain what is the benefit of using the protocol.

Something like “Support your favorite project by splitting the rewards of your stake” or “Receive rewards from your fans stake” or “The protocol that allows the split of rewards between investors and creators”

The following test should describe better how it works, for example:

“With DEV Protocol and our dApps, creators can get financial support from patrons and investors. It is the future of donation. We created an innovative way to receive money, where creators and patrons earn together.”

Well, this is only the beginning, but there is more to be done.

I would like to hear from you before I continue.

Do you agree with these considerations? Does it make sense? Is it worth continuing?

Depending on the feedback I can continue or discard it.


Thanks for this, I know we need to improve the website. I think it is better if you see the Figma design, but I need @aggre permission to share it with you.

I mention him here Discord


Great topic. Yes i do agree with this. New website ui is looking amazing. Its fancy with colors and all those design, looking high quality and exciting. But i think there is lack of knowledge in website. For example there can be more information about project and team. I cant find info about team on website. While we have one of the biggest team in crypto projects, we should definetly show it. We should show our publcity in front pages.

Microsoft interview, GitHub interview etc…

I mean overall i like the design of website, its showing creator economy and not only OSS, so its really cool. But would be cool if it had more information on website. Because its essential to attract new investors.

Also 1 more example i can give is. I remember some community members paid tip on youtube to chico crypto to review dev protocol. It was old website and he gave a little check. But there wasnt killer information there that would attract investors. I think we do need it.


I agree with your points Rafa! There is an information asymmetry for new visitors to the website. It’s important to get the message across as fast as possible, as well as excite the visitor without leading him away.

Btw, are we expecting a more refined SS update? It’s still in beta and the design is a bit all over the place.


Excellent points @rafaelp, this should be looked into.

The website is probably the first contact most investors have with Dev Protocol and it should have a good architecture behind it to capture them.


Thank you for the suggestion. I think it’s a reasonable suggestion. The Figma file we are using is here Figma

The current website will be published as MVP, and we have a plan to update it in phases. So suggestions like this should be welcomed! Also, our current design strategy is primarily maintainability and intended to withstand frequent updates. Interactive components, such as those that exist in Figma, would be nice.

@vinzvinci Do you think we can update the website with these suggestions?


I can adopt some suggestions here and still follow the design strategy.

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