DEV Procol in Portuguese for Brazilian Market

Hi guys,

I’m interested in growing DEV community in Brazil.

I would like to ask permission for the core team to fork and translate the main website to portuguese, is this possible?



I’d love to see this, Brazil is a huge market with great creators :slight_smile:


Great idea! I would also be up to translating the website to Spanish if there is an opportunity!


I also want to translate the documentation.
I’ve put an initial roadmap here GitHub - rafaelp/DEVProtocol-Brazil: Esse repositório tem o propósito de organizar a criação da comunidade brasileira do DEV Protocol

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I think the occurrence of activities distributed from the developers is very wonderful.
I agree!

I agree with this idea because translation is a challenge for the Dev Protocol. Before implementing it, we need to discuss how to do it with the team, so I would like to hear the opinion of @aggre as well.

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