Dev integration within Argent Wallet

Argent wallet is one of the safest, most popular smart contract wallets that currently has integrated the biggest services of DeFi. Their code is audited by Trail of Bits and Solidified, and they have made a social-recovery system to prevent loss of “Wallet Recovery words”.

They are currently looking to integrate more Dapps. Is dev interested in joining this wallet?


I’d love to see dev joining Argent :blush:


I remember this being spoken about before, was there any groundwork laid between the teams then?

They were too busy working on gas optimizations so I’m sure their attention was elsewhere. With the upcoming update, argent wallet will cost 30-60% less gas because of better written smart contracts!

They are interested in social tokens so we should give it a try!

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I shilled Dev on their tweet, any extra adoption can only be a positive

I like Argent and they seem to be interested in areas that matches Devs associations so feels like a good match.

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