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@DaoChemist is a Co-founder at @CryptoHermetic and Co-host of “NFTs are 4 Ever” podcast: http://rb.gy/e5vshf. He is really active on those platforms and seems to be really interested on Dev Protocol.


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DaoChemist is well known on Twitter, has a deep knowledge of crypto, nfts and the Creator Economy in general. He has an excellent podcast as well so having him talk about Dev Protocol would be excellent for us.

Do a Podcast talking about Dev Protocol and some tweets explaining what it is how the Creator Economy is the next big thing and how Dev is so well positioned.

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I know DaoChemist is pretty good in what he does so he should be free to create these tweets and podcast the way he wants, I’m sure the results will be :fire:.
The community through the committee and the team will judge the post to approve the claim.


Thanks for setting this up! Yes, been a hodler/LP/supporter of the Dev Protocol for a while now, had Scott on one episode, and I love that the team is looking to make a marketing push.

The timing is great, Gitcoin’s move to become a DAO is shedding more light to the need for a better funding mechanism for OSS, and in my opinion, dev protocol has the best platform, token economics, and incentives to do so.

So, I’ll be happy to join the marketing efforts, i.e promote the protocol, release a podcast, and create twitter threads with my co-host @Kmens5.


Thank you for taking the time to respond here and accept it! I’m excited to see the results!!
Thank you very much @DaoChemist :slight_smile:

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Hey, my co-host and I had a blast reviewing some of the projects on stake.social, we could prolly do this on a monthly basis. Anyway, the podcast is out, hope y’all enjoy it!


Excellent DaoChemist! I’ll listen to it right now while I work out! Thank you very much.
This bounty is completed.

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Hello, DaoChemist san! I am happy to meet you here!
We really appreciate your thoughtful podcast, and your respect for OSS.:heart:
Thanks to you and your great team!

P.s. Japan has many cool blockchain projects(especially NFTs). Please look forward to many more creators joining us in the future!

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