CryptoVizor, an AR camera app for your NFTs

CryptoVizor is an iOS app that lets you view your 2D and MP4 NFTs in AR and take photos and videos with them.

Our goal is to make our app the go-to place for all AR NFTs. Even for those that weren’t originally designed to be used in AR.

We also have our own community token $CVZC that helps us to redistribute DEV that we accumulated to our community.

We were also mentioned on the 25th episode of the NFTs Are 4 Ever podcast that was about DEV protocol.

With CryptoVizor you can do stuff like those


Thanks for writing the topic!
I’m supporting CryptoVizor for several months. I would like to play with CryptoVizor when I find my favorite NFT :laughing:
I am happy to see any update or plans about the project :muscle:


Thanks for supporting our project!
Since the initial release, we added support for MP4 NFTs so you can see your animated NFTs move it AR.
We also made a brand new UI to improve the user experience.
For now, we focussing on the community with our $CVZC community token.

For future updates, we wanna add support for 3D NFTs.
We already collaborated with SARU NFT creator for a 3D NFT demo.


There is the App Store URL for people who wanna check it out. It’s completely free and with no ads.


We updated our Github readme, so take a look!

Also, is there a proper badge that we can use in the Github readme except for the small one with a counter? Because the one that we use now we made ourself based on the logo.

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Hi, I think there’s no badge as of now for the markdown. But I love the badge on your, maybe you can use it while we don’t have badge.

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I have added branding of Dev Protocol. You can customize the width and height of the badges and insert the link of Dev Protocol or

Here’s the link: Branding

Btw, I’m going to take your image and add it to the brand, thanks ^^

If you have suggestions, please create an issue there.

Thank you.


Thanks, but the company decided to cease active maintenance of the CryptoVizor project to focus on other projects. We will still do minimal maintenance of the repository to ensure that the app will work for the foreseeable future. And the app will still be available on the AppStore. $CVZC holders will still be able to withdraw $DEV at their discretion.
Thanks for supporting CryptoVizor!


All the best with that!