Creator Tokens Use Cases - Creator DAO

There are many use cases for Dev Protocol creator tokens, some of them that we’ve even didn’t think of yet, these tokens can give Creators a great power to push their projects to the next level. On this article I’ll just present a general Creator DAO token use case.

When Creators onboards, Dev Protocol’s native Khaos Oracle authenticates the Project, their respective Creator Tokens are minted and a staking pool is created.

These tokens can be used for Governance and to form a Creator DAO. A DAO allows Creators to pulverize the their power and ownership and form an organization controlled by the Creator himself, Contributors, community members, anyone that sees value on that project. Through governance voting proportional to their share of the DAO, individuals that are more interested on the project hold more power to shape it’s future.

The Creators are free to design the DAO together with their own team and community, together they can decide how much influence each participant will get and what will the votes be able to decide. The more power the Creator Token as a Governance Token has, the more valuable it will be for individuals who are interested on and use the project.

These tokens could be distributed directly, sold in the market, rewarded for stakers, among other ways that the Creator decides or that fits his idea. An interesting way is using it to pay for bug solutions, contributions, anything that brings further development for their project, this way individuals that contribute more could have a bigger weight when deciding the future of that project.

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