Core Update (6/17/22): Incentivizing UI Building with Gateway Fees

As Dev Protocol grows in usage and utility, so does the need for UIs that reflect the protocol. Since Dev Protocol is a middleware, there are countless ways users and builders can interface with Dev. We are a community-driven protocol, therefore rewarding builders and integrations is a big priority for us.

We would like to introduce optional gateway fees for any UI or external smart contract that provides liquidity through staking. This means building UIs and smart contracts that integrate Dev have the option to claim a small finders fee.

Why is this important? As a protocol, the priority of the core team is backend and providing tools for seamless integration. By offering an incentive for dapp builders to create their own vision of Dev integration, we reward developers to build niche UIs, perk flows, and smart contracts on top of Dev. The more your UI or integration is used, the more DEV rewards you gain.

We’re looking at a few ways to implement this. First, we’d like to emphasize that this fee is purely optional, to be used at the discretion of the builder. There are two ways developers could integrate fees.

  • On staking, a fee could be deducted from the initial amount.
  • On withdraw, a fee could be deducted from the interest gained.

We’d love to hear feedback from the community on these changes, and open to suggestions on implementation.