Community's morale

Hey everyone!

As everybody knows, the market has taken a big hit and so has $DEV’s price. I’ve noticed community’s morale has also taken a hit and has been pretty low lately, which is understandable.

@Midget_Gems commented in another post that the team being more vocal, and showing up to the official chat really helps boosting up morale, even if it’s to just talk about curry, and I agree.

So my suggestion is exactly that. I believe it would help us if the team could talk more in the chat, even though I know you’ve been building a lot and don’t have much time, but I feel like it’s needed. Even OG members have been quiet, and for all the marketing efforts to work and the price to go back to what it was, we need active members, hyped about upcoming news etc.

That’s my two cents!

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Great point lady misstoken * tips hat *

I agree, the team being more active keeps the vision aligned and the sentiment less volatile.

I know it’s hard to do both the developing and talking to the community but it helps :slight_smile:

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