Community Updates ( June 23, 2022 )

Good afternoon from rainy Tokyo :umbrella:
I’ll share some Community updates in this article.

  1. Builders Program
  1. Community Pool
  • Discussion in the team is ongoing regarding the community pool suggested by the community.
  1. TemplesDAO
  • TemplesDAO has started early June. It was created by using Clubs, a DAO starter kit by Dev Protocol.

  • Users can join TemplesDAO by ETH / DEV (ETH is automatically swapped for DEV).

  • The provision of Perks in each Tier enables users to have exciting staking experience.

  • If you’re interested in staking at TemplesDAO, visit :

  • A new Discord community of TemplesDAO is being built.

Updates related to the community will be posted about once or twice a week. I hope this information gives you an opportunity to understand more about Dev Protocol.

Have a happy summer solstice :man_surfing: :ocean: :parasol_on_ground: