Community Proposal - Creator Token DEX

Current Dev Protocol System

The main goal of Dev Protocol is to Tokenize and sustainably fund Creators, currently this can be done on the dapp. On this dapp, Creators onboard their projects, on this process the Khaos Oracle authenticates the Project, Creator Tokens are minted and a staking pool is created.

Patrons can then stake their DEV tokens on the Pool of the Creator they want to fund. Both Patrons and Creators get rewards that come from the emission of DEV tokens.

Those Creator tokens that are minted, can be used by Creators to build their own economies around them/their project, reward their community members, fund themselves even further allowing them to grow.

Creator Token DEX

The Dev Protocol community proposed a new way to use use the DEV token that could improve the Dev Protocol Ecosystem and transform it into a complete Creator Launchpad.

This proposal is a Decentralized Exchange with DEV as a trading pair, the purpose is to increase the demand and use cases for the DEV token. As previously mentioned, currently Creators can onboard, get funded with DEV by their community on, minted their Creator tokens and they can design an use case and a whole economy for this token, but this is it, they have to do everything else by themselves.

Building a Decentralized Creator Exchange would be an unique thing, it would make it easier for Creators to use their tokens, release them in the market straight away, all on the same ecosystem. The Creators could even be the ones to kickstart this process, using their own DEV rewards as collateral against their own tokens.

This would be an excellent incentive for them to try to make their own token as valuable as they can so that they could attract individuals that would take the risk to provide liquidity for them. A few things could be done to mitigate that risk: perks or benefits given to stakers/token holders could also be extended to liquidity providers; they could also create Liquidity Farming strategies using their own tokens.

This proposal would improve the whole DEV ecosystem. If it is viable, it could make things easier for Creators to use their tokens. It would bring more use cases for the DEV token, potentially making it a reference as a Social/Creator token launchpad.

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