Community pool automated perk and marketing

Hey guys i have an idea off an marketing strategy related with the community pool & automated perk system.

I have shown my interest in getting content creators in to dev what iff the community pool rewards are beeing used to take care off that since that can be related to marketing.

Iff DEV can provide that feature to new game developers than that would be a new wave off developers that will onboard dev they would atract people to us to and get the price up with an never ending spiral.

I think we can provide automated rewards on clubs iff we make 1DEV equal to 1point and with those points
Are beeing used to redeem youre perk. We can put those codes behind doors so there’s a stock off codes so for the stakers its automated since some codes are for a region we could ask to select youre region in to profile so you will have the system gives the right codes also the min requird dev would be gone since it works with points everystake would be able to get codes but it would take longer to generate those points. So to not be able to redeem more than 3codes a month we didable it after the 3rd has redeemed and reset youre points. Since i know what the folks want the most and what the most regions are we can stock those more up than others.


Sounds great to implement! The team reading this!

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First of all, thanks for the great suggestions!

I answered a similar question at the recent Community Hour and will leave it here as well.

In the long run, Clubs is expected to form a plugin ecosystem to address a wide range of use cases. (I’m sure that plan will be published as a separate thread)
But right now Clubs is in its early stage, and I think it is more important to provide common functionality with a beautiful UI that satisfies 80% of the users, rather than specific automation. This will encourage us, the community, to keep learning as we develop the product!