Community Members Committee - 1st Vote

Dear Community, I’ve talked to the team and to move forward with our proposal, it’s time to choose 3 members of our core community to represent us and help, with the team, to reach consensus over the decisions listed on the Shokin kasegi proposal. The committee will be voted regularly, we can decide later how long it should last and voted again in a discussion at later time.
The idea is not for the committee to have any power over any other community member, it’s just to simplify the process and avoid having to vote multiple times, potential brigading by influencers or trolls to change the vote, etc.

Please vote for 3 community members to form the committee:

  • gem1no
  • Midget Gems
  • Peteyyy
  • P.
  • Anthony
  • Rob
  • Isabela
  • Sudo
  • Khajiit
  • Brokeski
  • Justa
  • imoyaern
  • AITG
  • SamuraiClown
  • Weird34
  • c’estfini
  • Jannik
  • CSKY
  • Samuil
  • Rafael

0 voters

Voting will end in 3 days.


I might have forgotten a few members, sorry for that. If you want anyone to be added on the voting list, please mention the name here and I’ll add him/her.


We are looking forward to starting the Community Members Committee! Thanks for the amazing proposal. Please vote for us, all. :muscle: :muscle:


I’m looking forward to Shokin Kasegi starting :smiley: