Community incubated project

I think this is a cool idea to have a feature like this. We can have an special event to choose a project and support them from their beginning.

For example 100 project will apply to get incubated and will share their ideas to us. 1 project will be choosen by the community voting.

That project will staken some amount by the community. ( for example 500 - 1k dev maximum per wallet till it reaches to the amount).

Once the staking period ends, the project must share their progress and it will be checked by the dev team and the community and if it passes, they will earn the reward. And some portion of their tokens will given to protocol and the community as incentive.

I think this is a cool way to fund start ups and its attractive to investors. We can do it 2 times a year or maybe 3 times at beginning to see how it goes.

Its also suitable with Dev Protocols vision.

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Yes, I proposed DevStarter in the chat not so long ago. I think it is a good idea that will bring more stakers to the platform, as it will attract speculators alot like polkastarter. I would focus specifically on blockchain projects initially, as it will get us the most traction. We don’t necessarily have to be their permanent source of funds, and we can make it that being on our starter system doesn’t give stakers any equity. It could for example get stakers on a priority list for an outside of Dev ico though. Milestones have to be tangible though and easy to review by the community.


Really interesting idea. This could ben even more interesting and give more power to the DAO, since the projects would be pitching their ideas/business to the community. This could totally fit in Dev’s tokenomics in my opinion.

I remember something like this, it’s a really good idea.

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