Community Hour Summary (06/10/2022)

Before we start, if you missed the Community Hour in the month of May, here’s the link for the discussion of Community Hour(04/22/2022).


Please take note that, this article is only summarized for the community who don’t have time to backread. To read the whole conversation, please check the community hour channel on discord and start your reading!

Getting Started

List of what happened in a recent community hour

Discord – Telegram Bridge

A new bot was created to bridge the Discord and Telegram, the same information will now automatically send to Telegram and Discord for community hour and announcement channel engagement.


Steps to join Dev Protocol Telegram Group - Token gated

Recent updates for ReFi Club

DAO collaboration between ReFi x DEV is a new cool idea, read the forum here:
[Support] Regenerative Finance (ReFi Club) - Community - Dev Protocol Forum

INITTO 2.0 Education

Soon, the INITTO website will have a new UI to adopt a new education system, and possibly include progress developments (per releases) posts for Dev Protocol.

Celebration Art

Cody is creating new celebration art, the updates of this is on Discord and Twitter

Best contributor of the month

@osaguild is the newest contributor to the open-source project of Dev Protocol, he revamped the docs website to a completely new architecture and helped raise the developer experience significantly by proposing a number of more appropriate meta.

Kudos to the Development Team

Congrats to the development team of Temples DAO ( for making this happen. TemplesDAO selects the Ethereum network because they are getting much more attention from beginners.

Their message

@Aggre said that “We are neutral to the networks, but people have a knowledge gap because many of users do not know how to bridge. I want to improve that!”
@stu said that “soon we’ll hopefully reduce gas prices a bit when creating Properties on L1”

Stu is working on a proposal that has the potential to significantly lower the cost of tokenization, and aggre has some ideas for improving the core module.

Reply to automation about the perks system

“Automation efforts are being considered, but since Clubs’ initial goal is to “do 80% of the needs of more people with a beautiful UI,” specific automation is a bit of a low priority. Of course, by the end of this year, we hope to make advanced customization easily achievable through an ecosystem of plug-ins and the like!”

New discussion ideas

Is there any way if we create network bridge of our own, with better UX. Each network named after some universe. And same project can be visible across all networks and supporters can support based on their choice and move their staking any time to any universe to other universe using our bridge. - from Shubham Kukreti

Stu replied “We have DEV Layer Bridge if that’s what you mean?
though it needs some love. we rolled it out, and within a month or two some of the L2 libraries were deprecated and need updating. it creates some overhead for us.”

Shubham replied “Yeah, but for moving the staking, not just DEV. One way can be bridging s-tokens which reflects the staking amount and staking position.”

Interactive educational page. What do you think? For example, the user can do staking while going through the tutorials. Kind of like a tutorial on choosing insurance :joy: -from aggre

From osaguild reply “I think it’s a good idea. However, I feel that tutorials are not enough as there are not enough projects in polygon. I think it is important to give users enough choices”

Join us next time!

Join our next community hour to talk with the team and community members. Please wait for the announcement on Twitter and Discord for the next community hour.

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