Community Hour Summary (04/22/2022)

Community Hour

Community Hour is a place where core members of the development team and the community can come together and talk. If you have any questions, you can ask them during Community Hours. The development team will try to answer your questions as honestly and clearly as possible.


Please take note that, this article is only summarized for the community who don’t have time to backread. To read the whole conversation, please check the community hour channel and start your reading!

Getting Started

Aggre started the conversation about the availability of Dev due to not enough documentation, community hour is very helpful to talk about the scattered fragments to understand Dev. Dev is not just a social token protocol, it’s not just a funding protocol.

Dev models a real corporation and becomes a lightweight governance/revenue/collaboration framework for creators. It’s a lightweight reality.

  1. Sharing the revenue: By distributing Creator Tokens ($CT) to contributors/users/fans, the staking rewards collected by $CT can be proportionally distributed to the community → The creator can model salaries in DAO
  2. Subscription by one-time purchase / Refundable subscription: Creators can start subscriptions by preparing paid content with sTokens as a hook. It’s backed by staking, so the user can perpetuate a one-time payment and get a refund when no longer need it.
  3. Co-creation with benefits: What if friends who are doing research that is compatible with each other share 5% of $CT with each other? Each other enjoys each other’s growth economically, and as a result, their research grows faster!

Stu responded that it would be cool to see some types of integration in use within the community (and beyond). After a while, aggre give an example that it can be used in the production of games to raise funds and early access users, or it can be built into a game system. Less than 10% of users activate their subscriptions, which clearly improves their rates. And it’s fun to imagine a world where game developers, OSS developers, musicians, etc. co-create a new work.

In addition

Stu responded that it might be cool to build out some real-world, reusable examples that folks can use and see the many things possible with Dev Protocol. Aggre told that there are some real-world experiences coming this year. It’s a user-led project, not us, (not us!) Dev is middleware, not a monolithic platform, which is why it’s important to improve the developer experience.

Mayu told us that with Dev Protocol, they can build many services and communities leveraging the power of Web3. Not just “Blockchain” games.

Aggre once have a great idea with a Steam-like marketplace where users stake and play instead of buying games.


The most effective way for marketing is to increase Dapps. They will bring both creators and fans, and they can begin marketing with us. And it is about time for some Dapps staring. Let’s support them! In addition, two major culture clubs with partnerships are being prepared this month as we mentioned in a recent article.


On the new topic of Regenerative Finance (ReFi), Dev helps “each user” build their sustainable economic zone with the old purchase model-independent. Mayu told that we have high synergy with ReFi to solve sustainability issues in any kind of area. Also having a community partner with social community/projects is also extremely good to get closer to ReFi.

Some examples

  • Temple Restoration Funds
  • Time-series support by staking, rather than one-time payments and investments, brings time shading to the user graph, which works a great fit with long-term projects!


This year’s calendar is full of new Dapps. What we make, what the community makes. We can’t say the exact date, but the team will soon announce one Dapp based on a new architecture. Lots of some more Dapps.

Join us next time!

Join our next community hour to talk with the team and community members. Please wait for the announcement on Twitter and Discord for the next community hour.