Community Builders - Program Update

What’s new?

Task & Contributions

The task and contributions are available on Community Builders | Dework site.

How it works?

  • Choose the task that you want to work on
  • Ask the program leader (vinzvinci, kuro-chan) on discord to assign the task to you
  • Submit your contributions
  • Gain points and will be listed on the top contributor

Community Suggestions

Ideas are welcome in community suggestions tab, we are open to any suggestions that will help the program. Make sure to follow our Code of Conduct for a healthy and safe environment for fellow builders.


The application is always open, everyone is welcome to apply to the program anytime. Please visit the builder’s program website for more information.

Note: We review the application every first week of the month. If you apply, you will receive a notification in the second week of the month.

Program Lead

If you are already part of the program, kuro-chan (@kent) and @vinzvinci are the current program lead, and your friend in the program to guide you.

Apply now

Submit your application form on the builders website. We are looking forward to seeing your application form!