Communication & transparency on Dev protocol

Hello to everyone, users and team members !

A recurrent topic has been discussed among Dev protocol users for quite some time now, not concerning technical aspects of the project, for which we trully believe and have full confidence in the work that has been provided by the team for quite some time now, but rather about communication and transparency aspects.

A quite large number of members, trully consider these points, weak spots, having a negative impact on the project and its capacity to expand, to attract potential new “investors” and consequently, potential new stakers, or even new developers.

About the team’s communication on the project : it seems obvious that an increased presence of the team, or at least, someone trully dedicated , either to answer technical questions asked by the possible newcomers or actual project users, or to diffuse the project on various related social networks (twitter, telegram, discord, some others eventually), is essential. As such, the designation (hiring ?) of a community manager in charge of regulating / centralizing, or more generally managing these aspects, seems essential.

About the transparency of the team : some members regularly complain about a certain lack of transparency, especially concerning the progress of the project. In this respect, the publication, by the team, or even by certain members guided by the team, of a clear roadmap (including, potential ICO/IEO, Swiss, Eelco’s arrival, marketing development, etc.), defining the objectives and development perspectives of the project, seems necessary. This would help clarify many points, and allow restore confidence in the project to certain dubious members, or even convince potential new investors, who may be frightened by the lack of information on the project’s development status.

It is useful to remember that Dev protocol is a crypto project, and as such, communication and transparency aspects remain two essential elements of its future success.

I will let the other users of the forum answer this topic, and eventually bring complements to what i wrote, especially on potential (and desirable) evolutions we could bring to the projet !


Thank you for taking the time to write this up. You’ve summed up most of the communities feelings here.
More transparency is essential, a closer and faster communication as well.

I do agree with everything states above, I hope the team has a read and listens to us :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Yes, this sums up the curent community feelings…
Nothing nasty, we just need some infos on what’s coming, where we’re heading to… Maybe an AMA would do the trick…


Please keep in mind that I am the CTO, but this opinion does not represent the team. (There is essentially no situation where an opinion by the team should be considered representative of the team. It helps to have a quick discussion)

It is a personal concern of mine that, in some cases, I am unable to reply to many questions. We need a community manager, but on the other hand, I’m not really motivated to add a non-developer team. Taniguchi and Kawakami are busy working on DIP-55 right now, but as long as he doesn’t have any short-term intensive development tasks, he’ll be in the community a lot. That goes for me as well. Right now, short-term intensive tasks are getting in the way of that.

I think the roadmap needs to quickly reflect the decisions made by the team and the community. I’m exploring the best tools or methods to do that.

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I think it’s important and fun to communicate via telegram.
However, the problem with overdoing it is that it stops development.
I think it might be best for now to decide to spend a percentage of the day on telegrams.

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I agree that coding and building is important, but if you build the best product in the world and no one knows about it or if you’re building the best thing ever made but people on the street are saying the opposite and you don’t counter those arguments it might never take off.

There has to be BOTH for the project to succeed, honestly right now, the chats are CHAOTIC, FUD is at the ATH, there has to be a reaction to that, being more clear, showing everything you can that’s happening behind the scenes, projecting a clear path to the future, so that expectations are calibrated and FUD is minimized. Currently we’re going through a crazy FUD spiral that has to be broken.


Thank you for posting a good Topic
I also agree with all your opinions. It is important to solve the FUD, and we have to prevent this from happening as much as possible.
I want to make it easier to communicate


Thank you everyone for your replies ! It’s a very good thing that team members are aware of these issues, and thus, the need to solve them.

Hello, FrCsky. Nice to meet you!
Please read this too for the roadmap.

We are now strengthening everything around protocol with new management. We are organizing the information and will update the website in the near future.


When the team came in the other day and talked to the community that was great, even tho it was just about trivial things like Curry you could see it gave a real boost to the community moral.

The Majority of the teams time should be focused on development and the progressing of the business but even a few hours a week spent in some form of community engagement is great :slight_smile: