CEX Partnership Idea

I think the community agrees that listing on a large centralized exchange (CEX) is a must if we want to see Dev grow and fulfill its potential. Part of the value there is to facilitate opportunity for speculators, but the biggest reason is because CEX are far more convenient (accessible, understandable, reliable, cheaper to use) than DEX.

Therefore, how cool would it be if Dev Protocol was able to partner with a CEX to allow staking for projects directly through the exchange? It would be great marketing for the exchange as well as for Dev.

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A 1.st tier or 2nt tier cex listing would be lovely imo.

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Excellent idea.
For the average guy not invested in crypto, using DEV instead of donating still requires a steep learning curve to begin with. They probably wouldn’t even want to buy a large stack of DEV that it’d be worth for them to afford those DEX gas fees.

CEX mitigates both the learning process and the current absurd gas fees. This doesn’t mean that DEV shouldn’t stay and focus on DEXs, but having strong CEXs alternatives are fundamental in my opinion.


Personally I think DEXs are the future and the way forward but I can see the benefits of being on one or two CEXs. We just have to choose wisely so we don’t become a wash trading target. Kleros are picky about these things and settled on bitfinex, so they may be worth a look.

IMO the majority of our liquidity should be on uniswap - considering the open source nature and target market of Dev. I appreciate the geyser program is expensive but I think it is a must to extend it. It has brought in a tremendous amount of liquidity from numerous sources (not just one or two whales) and such liquidity may not remain there unincentivised.

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The target market of Dev is more than just developers. And btw, many if not most Github devs aren’t crypto users yet. Metamask is a huuuuuuuge friction point, as are gas fees and the like. The more points of friction you create, the more you are limiting your potential. It is proven time and time again in business and especially when it comes to consumers.

Also, I couldn’t disagree more about Bitfinex. We need a quality exchange that has the customer base and volume to make a difference. Kucoin should be the starting point imo.

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I agree, for the average user, Dev Protocol is an excellent idea. Dev already solves a huge problem, and it’s a solution on itself.
A few big barriers are what make it hard to adopt, currently to use Stakes Social, you have to be crypto proficient and have so much capital to make the gas fees worth the cost that only a tiny fraction of potential users or philanthropists actually use Dev Protocol.

CEXs like Kucoin, which is one of the easiest to join, already solves a big part of this huge issue. Even though I agree that DEXs are the future, for the near future, at least a few years, CEX are still friendlier to regular people, which in the end of the day will be the vast majority of Dev Protocol users, if the vision is implemented.