Can we stake own products?

I’m considering to join Creator ecosystem, however, I realize Gas fee is high…
I read the guide below

many projects receive a lot more in rewards than the onboarding gas fees

Yet, my project is relatively small (50 stars), and am unsure if anybody will stake my project.
So, I’m curious if people can stake their own project.

I believe this is okay because this leads people self-support continuous developments, which follows the scope of DevProtocol.

Thank you.

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Hello, welcome here!

Yep, you can stake your own products or support your own development.

Great to know! Thank you for the quick response!!

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Hi @atusy . Welcome!

In order to get support from many people, it is a good way to notify many people on Twitter or the Readme on Github.
Those who receive a lot of support often make announcements using SNS such as Twitter. Also, users are looking at the README, so I think it’s a good idea to enrich the README in an eye-catching way.

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And there are also rules regarding withdrawal of rewards, so it is recommended to read at a good time.

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If you need feedback from your README, feel free to ping me and I’ll be reviewing your README and give you feedback.