Can Dev Protocol's support people who are into sports?

An unexplored market on :arrow_right: Sports :soccer::basketball::volleyball::tennis::football::boxing_glove::martial_arts_uniform::football::baseball::ping_pong:

The word sport is probably one of the most common thing in every country. Most of us are doing sports for our health and enjoyment. But also there are many people who earn their lifes doing sports. While some earn millions of dollars, some people roughly earn to continue their sport career or doing side jobs to continue their life.

Actually first of all i want to give example from myself. I have been doing sports as hobby since i am a child. I can’t imagine my life without doing sports. 9 years ago i started to learn Krav Maga. A self defence system from Israel. I have done it for over 5 years to reach my instructor level. 4 years ago i started my job as Krav Maga instructor on several gyms. I had a decent income. But everything changed with start of Corona pandemic. Sadly going to gym was impossible and forbidden due to precautions. I needed to stop my job.

It was impossible to continue my job as instructor at that point. But what could i do to earn income?
Online courses was the only option at that point. I could give people online lessons or made videos and upload it to some online course platforms or youtube.

Now lets check how Dev Protocol’s could help me on my instructor life.

:star2: First of all. I am a sportsman. I am a creator on my sector. But would it be enough to get support? I think at this point creativity comes on point. Especially perks for my supporters.

:one:) I could upload videos about Krav Maga techniques, from level 1 to level 5 step by step. Even though sports are learned better by doing it. Watching and learning is a good step for brain memory. It would be only unlocked by some kind of NFT. That could be recieved by owning my sTokens.

:two:) Private life coaching. My sToken holders could get coaching from me for their overall sports life and nutrition life. I could make them monthly nutrition schedule based on their body value.

Now lets check overall situation in Sport Industry. As i said on beginning of this article, some sports people are earning millions of $. But even some professional athletes are having rough situation financially. I remember reading a news about an UFC fighter (One of the biggest MMA promotion) was looking for funding to pay her expenses. Many people are dependent on sponsors. But Dev Protocol can change this by making every individual a sponsor.

Now lets take a look at what if she launched on instead of traditional funding.

:one:) Her investors would also earn by staking her and it would be sustainable for both parties.

:two:) She wouldn’t need to find sponsors that made her so dependent to them.

:three:) She can offer perks to her supporters like, signed merchandise, special NFT 's of her, tickets for her matches or even live chat with her fans and supporters.

At this point Dev Protocol’s can support any people who are into sports by staking on them. At some point it depends on creators creativity to give perks. I would be really excited to see that market on Dev Protocol and support some people in sports industry who need funding. Because it would exciting someone you supported on to win an olympic medal few years later :slightly_smiling_face:.


Imagine Lebron James and other professional players stake in to support a specific project for sports. This is a great idea but needs some rules if this is implemented! Let’s see in the near future :yum:


Yes i agree. I think new markets coming to Dev Protocol for sure will show the opportunities can be built in future :).


A very interesting idea! Thank you for your contribution :pray:t2:.

I can imagine that sports players can be a very lucrative NFT marketplace by themselves since marketing one’s self through tokenization is a very straightforward idea. Staking perks could involve gifting NFT’s to stakers! There is a huge market for that.