Can Dev Protocol support a subscription based business model like OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content - sharing platform using membership model. Creators around the world can upload their content to the website and their content will be locked. It can only be unlocked if the fan activates the membership with payment. This way creator is earning a revenue and the fan can reach to the content. If the fan isn’t satisfied, they can end the payment and they wont be able to reach to content. Membership is bought monthly, so its in creators hand to attract the Fans with the content they upload.

OnlyFans got its popularity in 2016. Their creators content was mostly Adult Content and this attracted the Fans to pay for the content. After 2018 especially with higher number of users, other creators also launched theirselves on the platform, like musicians or sport experts. OnlyFans has more than 50 million registired users and 1 million content creators. Makes it one of the most used content subscription platform.
Also OnlyFans takes %20 fee from the creators revenue.

Dev Protocol recently announced the Perks system for The idea fits really well with what OnlyFans do. In order to reach to the content, the Fans must pay the membership in OnlyFans. On Dev Protocol, this can provided by Perks. For example in order to reach content 1, fan must stake 100 $DEV. Content 2, the fan must 500 $DEV…

After the staking, the fan should turn their staking into sTokens and the NFT. Which will open the locked content. And if the staker decides to unstake, their NFT will gone so the content will be unavailable again.

Now lets take a look at the advantage / disadvantages and the possibilities.

:star2: Dev Protocol is built on blockchain, the data will always be secure and won’t be hacked. (unless Ethereum network is down totally, which would destruct %80 of crypto)

:star2: Users will feel more secure. They won’t need to give their personal or credit card informations.

:star2: Staking is sustainable. Instead of directly spending money, with staking the fans will reach to the content for free. If they stake for 3 months, they only need to keep staking and will be available for the content.

:star2: Creators can provide special perks for their best stakers. Which can be sold on 2ndary markets.

OnlyFans grow much mostly because of the adult content on their platform. Adult content is attractive and exciting for many people. At this point i don’t know if Dev Protocol can support that content on the platform. The Legal situations should be considered. Maybe a collobration with a decentralised KYC service and the fan should do the KYC in order to reach or to stake for those creators.

At this point what makes different for Dev Protocol is the unique staking and perk/sTokens system. Other platforms or newly launched projects can build a decentralised OnlyFans. But they will only be a decentralised version of the same OnlyFans.

But Dev ecosystem can change the whole subscription based business model. It will be much more attractive for both creators and fans to use it.

Creators will earn more revenue and benefit less fee from the staking while using the decentralised service. Fans can have a sustainable way of payment with staking and enjoy the content at its fulliest with sTokens.

I don’t know if its possible due to policies and etc…
But one thing for sure is it will attract many new eyes to the protocol.

But at the end, Dev Protocol is capable of building whole new level of creator / fan ecosystem.

Will love to hear the ideas from the community. Please feel free to share your ideas :).


Although this could be perceived as a controversial subject for some (depending on the country), I truly believe that one core demographic that is ripe for this type of technology is the adult one.

A Dapp that leverages Dev Protocol and it’s multiple features (perks, stokens etc) could fair well in the market. Blockchain technology gives users the edge against market competitors such as onlyFans, and let’s not forget that the adult industry always drives adoption. Pornhub made accepting CC mainstream when visa/MasterCard dropped them.

•Low cost of entry
•No percentage cut
•Ability to sell one’s brand image via tokenization
•Ability to mint NFT’s and sell them (NFT’s could unlock images/videos etc).

I give this a Green flag


I see this as an opportunity for many people and for Dev Protocol. Great idea!


I definitely agree that Dev can be used for something like this, the stokens or proof of stake can fit into this nicely.

One thing I would be cautious of is hiding content behind pay walls (since Dev is about open source assets) but this can easily be managed by a base content being open with add ons etc being the paid/staked elements