Call for feedback on new markets

We often get ideas for new markets, but this is the first time we have a place to put them in one place!

We are now already seeing new creators set up GitHub accounts to participate in the Dev Protocol. And we’re also getting more inquiries from companies to use Dev Protocol, and we’re starting to have discussions with some potential collaboration partners.

So we would like to gather feedback on what markets / creators you would like to support. :slight_smile:
We cannot promise development them, but we would like to know how big the need is for each.
(Markets could be developed by third parties and governance is required for release.)

We are looking forward to your opinions from various angles!


Since I’ve read about Dev the first time, being able to fund researchers and scientists, from all fields, has been the thing that I’ve looked forward the most. I’d love to stake for my favorite researchers, even PhD students, it makes total sense and it’s a huge market, since in most countries, they can’t support themselves and they do it for love, just like artists.

Also, this proposal is very good and I think that it could bring us a lot of attention and new users:


We should definetly expand to youtubers.

Few days ago i read news about YouTube wont be paying money to little youtubers who have less viewers and so. Youtube has many users, many different areas and so. And there are some quality content on youtube that we can support. Especially after youtube stop supporting them.


YouTube is an excellent idea because it could indirectly onboard infinite types of creators or researchers. Imagine how a small recycling or reforestation project in Angola, an artist teaching drawing, or a teacher teaching maths; a PhD student talking about his research, or related themes; they all could create an youtube channel and keep updating it; They all cause a significant impact on society but most of the times are underfunded.


I think that Youtube should be the smartest move because it can bring traction to the project.

I also like the idea of an open market based on domain authentication, because it opens widely the options and the number of people who can come to the project.

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I think there needs to be transparency and a set of rules per ‘industry’ for being onboarded. Otherwise we could be seen as cherry picking who we let in (a bit like a boys club). So if we are pivoting to YouTubers we need to be able to list the requirements for eligible creators.
For example, we could target ‘honest YouTubers’ who take a pledge that they won’t take bribes or sponsorship to falsely plug products to fund their channels.

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That is right. Thank for very important suggestion.
The onboarding process needs to be improved, not only for new markets, but also for now. Some users unfortunately try to attack us in even the current market, so our team is reviewing every single one of them. We plan to publish a transparent and legitimate process.

Sorry for off topic but I hope this topic helps us to see the needs of the market!


It’s useful to discuss it.

I think that “Youtubers” should not be supported by DevProtocol as a new market, but should be supported when they agree with the premise of the activity or research.

Therefore, I think it is preferable for the staked party to use Youtube itself, but I am against accepting staking against Youtubers.

The word “media” comes from the Latin word “medium”, right?
Do we want to support people in the “middle” or do we want to support “people who are doing something real”?
Which is it?

Wouldn’t be the YouTuber himself be a Creator? I don’t see the youtuber being the “medium”, YouTube is the “medium” where the YouTuber(Creator) share his creations(videos).

For example, Primitive Technology, the guy is not being medium for anything, he is just creating videos of himself doing primitive things with his bare hands, people like it. It is some sort of art. YouTube is just the “medium” that he uses to reach his audience.

When creators are unfamiliar with crypto, the community bears many education costs, which grow bigger and bigger. So I thought it would be nice to have an on-chain market to show their role model. But I don’t have a concrete idea yet.

What is the appropriate protocol for the on-chain market?
Metaverse? NFTs? Games? Other than that?
How do you like the Decentraland’s lands?

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Islandview Digital has been preparing to launch our advertising campaign for Dev Protocol, and the building of the Dev HQ on our property (which will be another big promotion in itself) to rollout in DCL to announce our tokenization. Good news coming soon :slight_smile:

  • Anime and manga artists - There is a huge need and a huge community that supports otaku culture in the West. This would be one of the easiest ways to grow the Dev brand imo. And it would have the positive impact of allowing artists to execute their unique vision, instead of just doing whatever the studio tells them to do.
  • Videogame development - Same as above. Kickstarter is popular for this, but with Dev the producers could add so much more in the form of incentives for backers.
  • Independent/unsigned musicians

I think that as I’ve said before, the safest bet is youtube, since it could onboard infinite types of creators that could adapt their skills into an youtube channel.


We’ve announced a partnership that will take it forward!
Please support us and look forward to seeing what the market will be in the future. :relaxed:


Maybe be Youtube should be the smartest . I think


I love this discussion :hugs: Y’all give a great idea, I am looking forward to more ideas.

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