【Bounty】What does "KHAOS" stand for?

I just want to do a small test to see how Shokin Kasegi works.

Ohgiri program
Built by Dev Protocol, the “Khaos” oracle brings data on-chain while protecting the user’s confidential information.
Khaos was an acronym for “keep (#$%^) of secret”, but I’ve forgotten what it was all about. (Really)
So what does it stand for?

10 DEV for the best answer. How about a program like this?

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Hey aggre! It’s great to see you here :wink:

Khaos is a Greek god, he was one of the first ones to exist and his name means the gap between Heaven and Earth, it’s the void before the Creation of Cosmos, the universe, and Earth itself . Chaos is associated with confusion, so keeping a secret makes sense haha

I think that Khaos Oracle used for Ohgiri makes total sense, but we would have to implement voting for it to make sense. Imagine if someone really writes about Dev Protocol and Khaos picks it up, bu the person writes a terrible article or even an article talking bad things about the project, it shouldn’t make sense to pay him for that. So some part of judging is subjective, I dont think that the oracle can do that, but for all of the objective parts, it’s an excellent idea!

Oops, my apologies for not explaining my intentions correctly. I’m not trying an ohgiri with Khaos, I’m just trying to play with words around the theme of Khaos. Like the quiz that “Keep (#$%^) of secret… What does it keep secret?”.

I’m not obsessed with that theme, but I’m taking advantage of the fact that I’ve forgotten what it stands for.

Oh! I get it now.

I think it would be a good idea to play with the dichotomy between Chaos and Order. An oracle that keeps order but from an outside perspective it’s Chaotic.

So I’d say, Khaos keeps Order a secret .

Here’s an example of this bounty

K: Keep
H: House
A: Animal
O: Owl
S: Secret

^ Just an example of a random keyword.

We are looking for the coolest meanings! Please let us hear many of your ideas :ear:

Oh I got it.

K eeps
H idden
A uthentication
O f
S ecrets


K eeps
H idden
A uthenticated
O utside / Offchain
S ources

I don’t know if these make sense, sorry that’s what I could come up with.