Author/Book market on Dev Protocol ๐Ÿ“š

Last week, @rgbillennials wrote a cool idea on Twitter.


Books are really important part of our lives. Since age 3,from drawing books to world classics, most of us have read books and keep reading it. To educate ourselves or to just enjoy the time, books have impacted our life by positive. Behind every book, there is an idea and those ideas come from the authors. Global book market is valued at 143 billion $. Which is a huge number. But ofcourse like in every sector, there are inequalities. While some authors earn huge moneys, some authors canโ€™t even earn decent numbers.

While the technology improves it also effect how we read books. Books were physical goods, but with gadgets like โ€˜โ€™ Kindle โ€˜โ€™ or even some applications on tablets or phones, books can read digitally and there wonโ€™t be a need to have the physical copy of that book. While itโ€™s being nature friendly its also usefull for many people since you can carry 100s of books digitally on a light tablet.

The idea is really unique. How would it be to fund authors through Dev Protocol?

Itโ€™s definetly brilliant. There can be tons of cool stuff that could build on that ecosystem. Hardest part could probably be the authentication part. Since there gets the data from GitHub and u-Zomia/Cobogo gets the authentication through youtube using Khaos Oracle. I donโ€™t know if there is a digital place to authenticate authors. Maybe apple books?
That should definetly be digged into. But if the authentication part is solved, the are authors that definetly worth the staking for.

Also the perks and sTokens could be really usefull for author market. Some special Perks would be really cool. For example NFTโ€™s that open content for extra storylines or 1/1 golden edition of the books digital version which could be traded on secondary markets. Imagine LOTRโ€™s 1 of 1 edition. That would worth 7 digits atleast.

Since Khaos Oracle is flexible to get data from anywhere, Dev Protocol has huge advantage to support any market. I would love to hear ideas about the author market and what can be build. Thanks @rgbillennials for sharing this idea.


Iโ€™d like there to be a seamless way to blend physical perks with staking. In the same way that I prefer a vinyl record to an MP3, I would rather have a physical book than an NFT.
Have you used Kickstarter or similar? You pay up front for a product you like the look of, and really hope it comes to life so you get your reward. Imagine if with Kickstarter, you put up your money for a product and earned 50% rewards while you were waiting to see if you got your product? That to me is what DEV protocol could be.


I agree that in many cases physical goods could be more interesting as perks. We have thought of using Origin protocol, as it was decentralized marketplace, but, it doesnโ€™t work anymore.

One thing that is on our minds is to create our own physical goods shop. Of course, weโ€™ll keep looking for partners, to try to make this faster and efficient.


I think its a good idea. Yes for a book, a signed book by author is great idea. But a signed book that is also authenticated by its NFT through qr code is amazing. I love the idea of physical goods that are backed with its digital nfts so they can be authenticated with few clicks