Anonymous Influencer - Bounty Form

Influencer Name
Short description
Social media used
Links to social media
Amount of followers
Number or printscreen
Engagement rate
some way to prove the engagement - amount of like, views, reads, anything.
Targeted population and why it is relevant
i.e. Japanese OSS youtuber, our Japanese community is really small, I think that this youtuber would help us educate the OSS community and the Japanese creators.
Proposed Bounty
amount of DEV


I’m just trying to create a general form, please help us, give me some more ideas for the topics and critique this short form.
The idea here is that, the community, the team and the committee would respond to this form, trying to improve it, and keep editing it until we reach a consensus or reject it.

Could the team create a subcategory inside this category? It would be much easier, for example, YouTube subcategory, twitter subcategory, etc.

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I think this is cool. Marketing is essential to pull new users and investors which will have a positive effect on growth of the project.

For me most general social media chanels to reach the highest number of crypto audience are YouTube and Twitter. Other than that Tiktok have emerging users and maybe some different social media chanels that we can use, like some OSS forums etc…

In this market its hard to find the ideal influencer for the project. There are some influencers with hundreds of k followers but they have really less engagement. Also what i believe is the influencers should not only look this for quick cash grab. They should support the project in long term.

We need to identify the target market and do the marketing strategy in that way. From my old experiences ( ı have launched several tokens myself). Some marketing campaigns didnt helped us in anyway but only some synthetic followers.

We need to have aggressive marketing strategy. (ı dont mean about spam posts). But constant support from different kind of influencers and this needed to be backed by some Devolopers who have good reputation. We are coming to end of incubator season soon. We can use this for a great marketing campaign. And there is also a saying there is no bad marketing. Still %98 of crypto people doesnt know about Dev Protocol. Let the world hear about us!

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Any mean to ask a community who used an influencer’s service what was the RIO?
number of views for a youtuber / tweets reads…

My newbie 2 cents…

Just to be clear, if this for the influencer to fill out or someone from the community to fill out proposing that influencer as a candidate for the bounty?

The original idea was for community members to propose it, after thinking about it, I think that anyone could do this. The community will discuss and choose the proposals that they think that are valuable.
What do you think?