About the TOP page of Stakes.social

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I think adding the following content to the top page of Stakes.social will make it more user-friendly

  • About Stakes.social
  • Featured project
  • What is Staking
  • Creator success stories

About Stakes.social

This will be the first section that visitors to the page will see, so I’d like to put a catchphrase about the world that Stakes.social is aiming for.
Also, I would like to add a picture that matches this catchphrase.

Featured project

FEATURED PROJECT is an area where we select and post influential projects.
Influential means that when a creator sees this project, they are motivated to onboard their own project as well. I think that projects with many stars are close to that.

What is Staking

WHAT IS STAKING will explain staking.
The reason for explaining staking is that the Dev Protocol uses staking and is designed to reward supporters, making it easier to support than traditional donation services.
If the creator can understand staking, the creator seems to understand the Dev Protocol, so I would like to explain staking.

Creator success stories

CREATOR SUCCESS STORIES will post successful stories of rewarded creators.
How did you use the rewards you got? I would like to post how the creators have changed their lives since they went onboard on Stakes.social.

This is an image of new TOP

Feel free to give me your opinion
Thank you



There is the following link in the header

This is an input box where you can search for projects by keyword

This is a link to a project listing page like the current Stakes.social TOP page

Start a project
This is a link to the form to board

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I’ve proposed a new karma system, @Rob helped me come up with this proposal.

I think that some ideas here could be used to make the TOP page more valuable and have more significance.

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I’m not completely aligned with what you’ve said there P. I mostly am though.

I think gamification is a very good idea and ought to be integrated to encourage good behaviour / discourage selling.

I think it would be clearer and simpler to loose the concept of Karma entirely.

I also think that the annual withdrawl limit as it currently stands is a good thing, but the mechanism of integrating it should be redesigned as it is confusing, not transparent for creators and creates huge disincentives for using the platform once you’ve reached the limits.

A points based system would be easier to understand, and easier to market.

My suggestion would be to make it that each creator accrues 5 points a day (irrespective of whether they have any stakers).

Points = the amount of Dev they can withdraw at any one time.

X points are spent when they withdraw X dev - so 1 for 1.

If they don’t withdraw they climb the status ladder.

Creators start on bronze, 1000 points gets them to silver (not selling for 6 months), 2000 gets them to gold (not selling for 1 year).

Perks of being silver and gold. For further discussion but you raised very good examples.

I’d say there should be no ceiling on accruing points or time limit (IE. they don’t expire annually).

And as you suggest we have avenues to increase points such as a monthly points bonus, voted on by the community for say the top three ‘valued’ creators.

I’m not sure the community issuing negative points is a good idea. For further discussion. As I think it is important creators have certainly in the minimum amount of Dev they can withdraw per year to financially plan.


@Pdot @Rob

Thank you for your reply.

I think it is better to post the new mechanism of karma on the TOP page as a “Recommend Project” for stakers.
I would like to add it to the image.

If the TOP page is renewed before the new Karma system is introduced, I think that there is no Recommend column on the TOP page.


I think you should move what you wrote to the Topics of “New Karma System”

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I thought about information that should be posted on the TOP page. Can you read it and give me an impression?

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This guide is super. You can post it as an article also.

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Looking really good!

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Great job.

Maybe in the first sentence use the words ‘open source software (OSS)’ so people understand the abbreviation from the outset.

Also not sure if ‘modal’ is a newbie friendy term. It might confuse people?

I’d be curious to hear others thoughts on this but might it be clearer to advertise that when you stake Dev tokens the initially staked tokens always remain yours. These token generate 60%* apy, half of which is awarded to you, the other half is automatically donated to the creator. So not only are you contributing to your favourite OSS project but you are also making 30% apy on your initial investment.

*Accurate as of June 2021, subject to fluctuations

In my mind explaining it this way raises fewer questions.

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Thank you for your reply! :+1:
Your advice is great. I would like to change the text like that

I would like this sentence to be seen by those who have DEV. For that purpose, I think it should be on the TOP page of Stakes.social. What do you think?
I wrote an image so please take a look

Press the Read more button to move the page and read the entire text

I’m making a new docs.dev protocol site and I’m going to post it there

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The design is looking really good.
I love the idea of having articles posted there, featured projects, etc.
Maybe a cool thing would be having the community forum topics and discussions showing up there as a link as well? It would create exposure to the community forum and could increase the discussions here.


That’s a good idea! Then, it seems good to create a NEWS section to inform you of various news such as Forum.
I will design later


Nice! I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

How about partnering with HiDE or creating a system similar to it, where Creators, community members or other individuals could write articles related to DEV or even community forum posts. They could show up at the TOP page and they could receive DEV, stablecoins, etc for it as a donation? It could be another way to incentivize discussions and forum participation :slight_smile:

HIDE is a great project, so it will be helpful. After this, I will make a guide for creators, so I would like to think about it at that time.

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The idea is that, with financial incentives, people participate and write a lot. Showing this at the first page of Stakes Social could potentially create this bridge of ideas between Creators and Stakers/Community Members, which could be valuable for the ecosystem.

Maybe this is too idealized, it’s just some food for thought anyway haha.

The following sentences have been added

A system that rewards developers

The mechanism for earning interest on supporter and developer is realized by dividing the interest earned from the supporter’s staking between the developer and the supporter. In other words, if both the supporter and the developer have an annual rate of 30%, the supporter’s staking will generate 60% interest, which will be divided between the developer and the supporter by 30%.

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Also not sure if ‘modal’ is a newbie friendy term. It might confuse people?

I changed word to “screen of staking” from “modal”